Here you can find some of the projects that I worked on and I would like to share with you.

The OSCP Repo


This is a GitHub repo of mine that I created in order to better organize my studies for the OSCP certification.

Check it here ->



While incursore has born from nmapAutomator, it is not nmapAutomator. The script from @21y4d is great, but sometimes it’s too slow (due to nikto). By removing it, the time needed to complete a scan has been drastically reduced. So, from just removing nikto I found myself tweaking it a lot, that’s why I decided to rename it to incursore and to publish it under a new repo and name. Hope you’ll find it useful.

Check it here ->



Cipherhound is a tool to automate and speed up the information gathering of SSL/TLS certificates’ details to compare them with the latest AgID guidelines. For those who are not familiar with AgID, as you can find on its website, it is the technical agency for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (Italy).

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